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Is friction burning up your money unnecessarily?

In Saskatchewan, while we have few options for downhill skiing (and no good options if you’re from the mountains!), we are blessed with an abundance of cross country ski trails.

A couple of places Keri and I like to go are at Elkridge, and at Eb’s Trails just north of Duck Lake.

Keri and I took in Eb’s trails this winter with some friends, and had a great time.

I love skiing, but my hands and feet get cold easily.  I forgot to take along any hand warmers this time and as a result I spent the first ½ hour stopping to warm up my hands every few minutes.

What did I do?  Rubbed my hands together.

What happens? Heat, right? Heat is created by friction. Which works great if you want to warm yourself.

However, friction in engines “steals” energy. And it causes engines to wear out sooner.

Money friction steals dollars unnecessarily.

And causes your capital to wear out sooner.

Your wealth engine is the engine that “powers” your lifestyle during retirement and your legacy after your death.

I’m guessing you can’t afford friction in your wealth engine! No one wants to lose hard-earned dollars unnecessarily.

I use the acronym TRICK to remember where money friction comes from.

There are five major areas that cause friction in a wealth engine—Taxes, Risk, Investment Mix, Costs, and, Knowledge Gaps.

Any one of them could be a killer for your wealth engine.

And it’s not just about minimizing the friction. That’s step 1.

Step 2 is tuning your wealth engine for maximum efficiency.

The longer you wait the more you lose.

Are you ready to test your wealth engine? We are here to help…


I would not waste my life in friction when it could be turned into momentum.

– Frances Willard