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7 Suggestions to Maximize your Talent Attraction & Retention Strategy

Do you have a unique strategy that leads to fully engaged employees? Take some time to consider these suggestions to help you attract and retain the best talent as it fits with your workplace culture.

Understand your Workplace Culture

Make sure your company mission statement is a true reflection of your purpose. Implementing a unique strategy to attract and retain talented people who fit within your unique workplace culture is key. Key employees are drawn to a clear definition of the company culture.

Choose a Specialist

Choose an advisor the same way you would choose an employee. The right advisor needs to ask a lot of questions and will want to learn about your company mission, philosophy and culture. For your advisor to provide you with the most efficient plan design, they must understand your company’s demographics, budget and longterm goals. If it was easy, anybody could do it – choose an advisor who specializes in benefits and pension.


Avoid looking at your benefits plan or pension plan in isolation. Having one advisor firm to provide advice will offer clarity, simplicity and stability. It’s all about balance and when you are receiving the advice that’s right for your team, you can expect maximum return.

Be Better Together

Your best ambassadors for recruiting new employees are your most loyal, long-term employees. Provide opportunities for your team to build meaningful relationships through communication, social events and team building activities. Not only are relationships of trust built, these conversations can alleviate frustration and confusion.

Encourage Constant Learning

Employer-paid, educational opportunities are viewed by employees as an opportunity to grow and are a recognition of the value they bring to the organization. By encouraging and supporting continuous learning you are investing in both your business and your employees.


Every single day, your employees are making big things happen. Take a moment to recognize one another for individual and team achievements. Never be too busy to give praise, show appreciation and celebrate successes, big and small.

Invest in your People

Your people are your greatest assets – without great people, the health of your business is at risk. Have your advisor evaluate your current strategy and provide insight to align, build, integrate and improve your employee rewards, including your benefits and pension plan design, structure and providers.

By providing a balanced strategy, you will provide employees with safety, security, peace of mind, a sense of contribution, belonging and fulfillment.