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Workplace Safety. It’s not Just Physical! June 4, 2021

It’s been estimated by Canada’s Mental Health Commission that coping with mental-health issues is costing the Canadian economy $51 billion, with $20 billion of that being directly attributable to workplace stresses.

Safety is not just about avoiding injury in the workplace. It’s about ensuring the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of employees, in and out of the workplace, so they are healthy, alert and engaged at work. This contributes to the prevention of mistakes that can lead to accidents and injury, disruption in productivity and increased disability and workers compensation costs.


June 4, 2021
Virtual Lunch & Learn
Exclusive to Members of SIMSA
12:00 – 1:00 pm


  • Learn strategies & action you can take to improve mental health outcomes in the workplace
  • Discover the link between the health & well-being of your workforce and improving your bottom line
  • Discover the 9 essential components of a comprehensive rewards program and how to maximize value and results
  • Explore benchmarks to measure how you stack up against your competitors
  • Learn how leadership helps or hinders the value employees perceive of their benefits programs