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Tried and True

Easter is a time of renewal and tradition! Last week my social media and phone were lighting up with some photo memories from the past.  It’s so much fun seeing how the kids have changed and remembering all sorts of adventures.

Some of my favourite memories come from our annual egg smashing competition. It’s a tradition that came from Andrea’s family on her mom’s side.

It’s a lighthearted competition that begins before Easter by boiling and decorating enough eggs for everyone for Easter Sunday breakfast. I started naming my eggs a few years ago with creative titles like “The Eggs-terminator”.

Once the table is set the competition begins. Two competitors choose an egg and while one holds their egg, the other hits the opposing egg end to end. The result is that only one egg will crack. The two go head-to-head until one person has a cracked egg at both ends. Then that egg is out! It takes a few minutes for all to compete and to the amazement of first time competitors there will always be one egg left uncracked. That is your winner!

I always act like the egg selection process is very technical or tried and true. I know there is some science behind it but generally I just check to make sure there are no cracks in the eggs I choose. The rest is left to chance.

When it comes to financial planning there are tried and true methods that stand the test of time. Or you could leave it to chance. I may pick my eggs lightheartedly but when it comes to my financial future, research is required and a clear path ensures that it’s a plan designed to win.


Spring adds new life and new joy to all that is.

– Jessica Harrelson

P.S.  In case you are wondering… the picture above is after I won the 2021 Egg Smashing with the champion egg “Cracked Personality”.