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STA Group Benefits Plan

Your benefits tailored to your industry

For members only of the Saskatchewan Trucking Association (STA)

Gain a competitive edge by taking part in the STA Benefit Plan. We are proud to offer this innovative, customizable group benefits plan to support employee health, wellness and productivity and improve business performance in the trucking industry.

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Advantages of the STA Group Benefits Plan

Competitive Edge

Being part of an association plan enhances your buying power, allowing you to compete on a larger scale with lower administration costs, better benefits and rate stability to get the most value from your benefits.


Customizable plan designs to meet member priorities while staying competitive, stable and transparent.

Local Trusted Advisor

Sutton Benefits & Pension, your local specialist, is based out of Saskatoon, SK.  With the partnership between Sutton Benefits & Pension and Canada’s Leading National Alliance of Independent Group Benefits Advisors, you are gaining the competitive advantage in your industry.

Trucking is Driving Change. You Can Too!



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Keep on Truckin'

Pictured Left:  Grandpa John Wolfe beside his new 1968 Freightliner 250 Cummins, with 4&4 trans, 38000 rear – likely heading to Winnipeg with a load of cattle.

A personal note from Andrea Hansen

“I get to serve truckers too, but with a different kind of fuel.”

Growing up, I wanted to be just like my grandpa. His name was John Wolfe. He was a serial entrepreneur and he was larger than life. I absolutely adored him.  Almost all of his business endeavours were connected to the trucking industry: Livestock dealing. Cattle hauling. Wolfe’s Garage. Bulk milk hauling. Grandpa loved wheeling and dealing, and he had no quit in him.

Starting in the 1960s, Grandpa and Grandma ran the Esso gas station in Grenfell, SK, on the Trans-Canada Highway – Highway 1. I recall many stories of Grandpa staying long after he should have gone home in the evenings to pump fuel and wash windshields to get his customers back on the road. He knew what had to be done, because he drove trucks too.




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Backed by The Benefits Alliance

Sutton Benefits & Pension is a member of the Benefits Alliance in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  Sutton’s membership with Canada’s leading national alliance of independent benefit and pension advisors gives you a competitive advantage.  Benefits Alliance is Canada’s leading voice for independent benefit solutions.   Member firms are peer-nominated, only the best advisors providing the best advice are invited to join.  Through the Benefits Alliance, member firms are able to leverage the size and experience of the collective group to provide our clients a qualitatively superior experience and offer unique products and services and competitive pricing to our valued clients.

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