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Smart Financial Decisions on Benefits and Pension Plans

Our trademark Sutton Smartfit Process™ uncovers gaps, inconsistencies and concerns as well as opportunities allowing us to better tailor our advice to you. Save money, know exactly what you are paying for, and maximize your total rewards program to improve your bottom line.

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About Our Sutton Smartfit Process™

Our process has a unique story – a collection of stories actually – that weave together to bring us to where we are today. The story begins with the founder, Bob Sutton. Bob always had a strong sense of how he wanted his clients served, and “put the client’s best interest first” was his motto.

It was those values and the foundation of Sutton that attracted Tim and Andrea Hansen to join in partnership with Stuart Sutton and Jay Stark. The firm was known for its expertise in wealth planning and Andrea brought a passion and complementary expertise in benefits and pension services for businesses. She didn’t come alone. Staci Heinbigner and Stacey Frost had had dynamic careers in the benefits industry over the past two decades and each was a self-proclaimed “benefits nerd” who loved benefits as much as Andrea did. The three homegrown Saskatchewan professionals had all worked together in the past and their stories merged again to create Sutton Benefits & Pension and the Sutton Smartfit™ process.

The Smartfit™ process captures the values and beliefs of the Sutton Team, and the process may just shift your perspective on benefits. The Sutton Smartfit™ has been designed to align your benefits and pension plan with your company values and culture while identifying obstacles, gaps, and also opportunities. The process has been proven to help growing, successful businesses make informed choices and take timely, confident action to support what really matters to their teams and their business.

Sutton Planning

A unique competitive edge

“How do you set yourself apart from other businesses in your industry? Too often we found employers looking at benefits and pension plans as just another box to check. There was no customization or alignment with the company’s mission, values, or workplace culture, so the investment was failing to have a meaningful impact on recruitment, retention, productivity, or performance.

Our process takes a holistic and personalized view. We start with a strategic planning session so we can better understand the company values, culture, leadership philosophy, and desired position in the marketplace. Then we collaborate to create a compelling total rewards strategy that protects, supports, and optimizes the health and wealth of your employees and their families. We believe healthy employees mean a healthy bottom line.”

Andrea Hansen

Sutton Planning

No surprises and no rushed decisions

“We wanted to systematize a strategy that would empower business leaders to make informed decisions backed by data.  We want you to be confident in your decisions knowing you are strategically investing in the right areas of your total rewards program. Our annual audit determines any gaps, inconsistencies, and concerns evolving with the business lifecycle, and looks at demographic changes in the workforce as well as industry and economic shifts. Proactive benefits plan reviews allow us to assess risks, opportunities, and trends in your claims experience, so you know exactly where you stand. We evaluate and negotiate in advance of your renewal providing advice and recommendations, which allows you the time you need to make decisions and communicate with your employees.”

Staci Heinbigner

Sutton Planning

We’ve got your back

“Benefits matter. But protecting your employees is about so much more than just what’s covered in the benefits and pension plan. We strategically invest in a total rewards program so that employees feel safe and secure and have peace of mind and a sense of belonging and fulfillment in their work. Continuous communication is critical to supporting a rewards program so your team understands and appreciates what unique components are built into their plan and why. Having an employee meeting to review benefits every few years is not enough.

Our process ensures that we help your business communicate the value of your benefits program and leverage technology with personalized messaging to educate employees. And we are here to provide ongoing support and advocacy for your team, so your entire organization has an expert on their side. We want your team to know they are taken care of so they can focus on bringing their best to work.”

Stacey Frost

Sutton Benefits & Pension will show you how to prioritize your action plan to close existing gaps and reallocate resources to achieve the best overall results for your employees and your company.