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My Plumbing Pandemic

2020 has been a fascinating year. Some can’t wait for it to end, while others have embraced these challenging times to forever change the trajectory of their lives in a positive way.

Our family has been very fortunate through covid, as we are all healthy and have been able to escape to the natural beauty of northern Saskatchewan… both in our canoe… and to our townhouse at Elkridge.

Unfortunately our first load of pandemic laundry at Elkridge led to the first day of my plumbing pandemic.

The laundry drain back flowed and flooded the upstairs laundry room.  It made a bit of a mess and presented me with a challenge.

With all my experience as a Certified Financial Planner, and a bit of my Scottish heritage, I decided to accept the challenge and fix the plumbing problem on my own.

To make a long story short, despite my best intentions, I actually compounded the problem into three additional problems. It felt like I went down the rabbit hole from Alice in wonderland.

Months later, hours and money down the drain, but still no water flowing down the drain, I came to my senses and called in the professionals.

I should have known better.

I help people with their wealth on a daily basis and have helped clean up the mess of a few too many DIYers (do it yourselfers) who, with their best intentions, have attempted to navigate the ever changing and challenging landscape of wealth management.

I was glad for the distraction, but I’m also glad that I came to my senses, and that it only cost me a few thousand dollars.  Mistakes can cost much more when we attempt to do our own wealth and estate planning.

If you or someone in your clan needs a second opinion, please reach out and we can find time for an introductory coffee.


You can do anything, but not everything.

– David Allen