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Is it time to see if you are in control of your course?

I love fall, the fresh cool air in the mornings always makes me feel alive, and so much happens as the kids go back to school and activities restart. Although it is different this year, it is no exception and things are happening.

For our family, fall means the beginning of the new hockey season. It always reminds me of a Hansen family course modification we took in 2015. Up until that point our daughter Victoria was an avid Dancer. I might be biased but she was a beautiful dancer! She started when she was 4 and was getting better each year. Her brother on the other hand was a hockey player.

In the summer of 2015, Victoria came to Andrea and me to let us know she wanted to try hockey. She was intrigued by the competitive nature of the sport and thought it would be fun to try. Her initial thought was that she could do both dance and hockey.

That conversation led to a discussion about the limitations of time. There was no way that we could do both hockey and dance.

Victoria’s answer: “Then I will quit dance”. She believed that she could learn to skate and take on this challenge head on. It was going to take hard work and determination to catch up to her friends, but she did not want to leave it to chance.

We all know that children are curious and the activities that they are involved in will shape their future. No matter what the activity is, many lifelong lessons are learned along the way. Kids are amazing and very adaptable. Victoria’s path changed that summer.

Like our children’s futures, your retirement can’t be left on autopilot or left to chance. It’s important to have your plan regularly stress-tested, and to simulate potential course corrections as life’s inevitable changes occur.

Have you had your plan simulated lately? Maybe now is a good time to ensure you are on course.


A path is a prior interpretation of the best way to traverse a landscape.

– Rebecca Solnit