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Are you an Accidental Diminisher?

Do you want to learn how the best leaders make everyone smarter?   What impact would it have on your business if you could 2x the performance of your team?

As the recipient of the Kent Smith-Windsor Leadership Award, I had the privilege and honour of attending the Talent Development Think Tank in January 2020 in Santa Rosa, CA.

It was a life changing experience both personally and professionally.

One of the key-note speakers was Liz Wiseman, author of “Multipliers”.

In her model there are 2 dramatically different types of Leaders:

  • Diminishers: “absorbed in their own intelligence, stifle others and deplete the organization of crucial intelligence and capability”. The Diminishers assume,

“People won’t figure it out without me”.

  • Multipliers: “genius makers and bring out intelligence in others. They build collective, viral intelligence in organizations.  The Multipliers assume,

“People are smart and will figure it out.”

Everyone has worked for a Diminisher and a Multiplier!  Picture that person in your mind.

In the workshop, the group easily identified what the Diminisher & Multiplier did to them.

Here was the collective score for “how much intelligence did he/ she get out of you (0-100)?”

Diminisher = 45.

Multiplier = 98

Multiplier leaders got more than 2x the intelligence of the Diminisher leader.

Now before you quickly reassure yourself that you are a Multiplier leader, take the Accidental Diminisher Quiz on the Wiseman Group website:

I learned (gasp) that I am an Accidental Diminisher.  One way is I tend to be the “Ideas Gal”.  I think my good ideas inspire others, when the reality is that I either overwhelm others, shut them down or send them chasing rabbits.  Fortunately, I now understand some of my triggers and have learned some helpful workarounds, like my “Holding Tank” for Ideas.

One of the best Multiplier habits for the “Idea People” out there is to Ask Questions.  Ask about the MAXIMIZER tool we use at Sutton – it uses questions to bring out the best ideas from ALL our team members.

Do you work with any “Perfectionists” or “Rescuers” or “Rapid Responders”?  Leaders with Accidental Diminisher tendencies have good intentions but the behaviour actually has a negative impact on results.  Here’s the good news!  You can Multiply Up and bring out the best in bosses too.

Everyone is trying to do more with less.

Multipliers get 2x the intelligence from the people they lead.

How does this relate to your benefits & pension plan?

One of the most common gaps I see when I do a plan audit for a new client, is that the employer is not getting the most value for what they are spending.

What if you could get 2x the value by reallocating resources amongst different components in your total rewards plan?

How important is it to increase your employee’s productivity, reduce your costs, or bring greater security to your situation?

Do you wonder if you could Multiply Up your benefits & pension plans?

If so, give me a call.


“If you chase two rabbits, you catch none”

– Confucius