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A Little Lesson in Wellness

2020 has been a big year, to say the least!

In my family, there were a few milestone birthdays.  One notable day was my grandma’s 90th birthday in February.

My grandma is extra special.  She is without a doubt, the best cook – one who never seemed to follow a recipe, she just created things on her own.

In her younger years she was a competitive golfer, a bowler and a card player.  Grandma was an avid gardener who spent countless hours outdoors tending to the vegetables, picking raspberries, and then preserving much of it.  She loved to walk many miles each morning before most were out of bed.

I was talking to Grandma on the phone on her 90th birthday and I was celebrating how amazing it was that she was now 90 years old!  I went on to say that I would be so lucky to look and feel as great as her when I turn 90.  There was a brief pause on her end of the phone and then she said to me:

“You’ll only ever be as old as you tell yourself you are.  If you wake up in the morning and tell yourself it’s going to be a bad day, or that you are feeling old or not well, that is how your day will go.” 

She then suggested that I go into each day with gratitude and confidence.

Grandma takes the time to practice Wellness daily.  With a healthy diet, a positive mindset and physical activity, she finds enjoyment in daily life.

What are you doing to practice Wellness?  Are you encouraging your team to practice Wellness?

Have you considered adding a Wellness program to your company Total Rewards Package?  Ask us how…2021 goals are just around the corner!


Your body hears everything your mind says…stay positive

– Unknown Author